Fedor Chistyakov. 1990th

Since the early 1990’s, Fedor Chistyakov has been known as the songwriter, front singer, and accordionist for the band Nol’ (Zero), a cult model of Russian rock music. His unique manner of singing and the fact that he played button accordion, an instrument atypical of rock music at the time, made the band stand out, to the extent of being featured as exemplary in Western documentaries on Russian Rock. Fedor developed and added to the tradition of The Doors, The Pogues, Deep Purple, Chuck Berry, James Johnson and other rock classics. He is at the same time quite a sophisticated and insightful composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist musician, whose creative interests embrace rethinking classics and producing experimental instrumental music of many genres and styles. If there is literally the embodiment of the Russian Rock’n’Roll, then it is Fedor Chistyakov.


Fedya [Fedor Chistyakov] is one of the only musicians today that can convince audiences to accept the accordion as a rock instrumentRolling Stone, Russia
Fedor Chistyakov 2016
Today, one of Chistyakov’s essential features is his careful work with sound. His rhythmic bravery and readiness to battle is still here, but the goals have changed. The musician has never concealed his love for expanded arrangements; ever remaining the symbol of recklessness, he has continuously crafted his specific genre of art-folk-punk throughout the decades. The dominant style remains that of rock dances, tightly linked with americanisms and internet-newspeak in the lyrics. KONTR@BANDA, 14.16.2016
The last three years have fully established Chistyakov as a coming-back rock star, attained inner harmony and the unflagging energy feel.KM.RU, 08.12.2016
Fedor Chistyakov 2016
[Chistyakov] has transformed his good old melodies, revealing outstanding his wits and musical inventiveness. ‘’Lenin Street’’ sounded as a Caribbean tune, ‘’Everything Will Be Good’’ turned into a Pink-Floydian blues, and “Chiccory’’ became a country song from a East German western. Many songs had instrumentals from classic hits carefully interlaced into them, Chistyakov’s signature move, demonstrating his musical erudition and taste.VEDOMOSTI, 20.06.2016